After having studied photography, Isabelle spent much of her time traveling off the grid destinations all around the world, centered around her interest in nature and all creatures big and small.  

‘I have a strong desire to see places that are unspoiled, untouched and pure – no real infrastructure, desolate and with seemingly endless horizons. To meet people that have lived there for many generations in unforgiving conditions and are still there even though many of them are pressured and forced out by big corporations.

For me i’m interested in this cusp where the older generations are holding on to their traditions and the younger generation still values it but also feel a desire to join the world as most of us know it. With technology creeping in, they are now selling their lifestyle to tourists as a way to earn easy money instead of truly living of the land. My aim is to follow these people and see where life takes them. Hopefully to the same place.’